Top 5 Essie Polishes


  Top 5 Essie Polishes 

5- Wicked

Essie’s Wicked is a winter cult classic. This medium brown shade is perfect for fall and winter manicures. Its redish undertones flow amazingly with the brown shades ability to sparkle in the snowy months. The color is perfect for late night dinners or even a casual business meeting.

4- Where’s My chauffeur

This deep mint green is a new color, but it is already making waves. Perfect for a winter, fall, spring or summer look this color is literally good for every single day!

3- Bikini so Teeny

The perfect medium toned baby blue. This soft pastel color is perfect not just for the spring and summer months, but also for any joyful occasion like the birth of a baby boy or a pool party.

2-Mod Square

The perfect pink! This blue toned pink is perfect for a summer or spring manicure, or just some party nails. Not a light or hot pink, this middle of the road pink is fun, flirty, and romantic enough to wear for a day or night look.

1- Mint Candy Apple

This perfect light mint green is the most sought after shade in the entire line. The 2009 color is so popular its recently been repromoted, because it is the most versatile color in the whole line. This color can be a winter pick me up or a summer shade as well.

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