How to navigate the drugstore for nail polish


How to choose a nail polish in a drugstore

When you are trying to pick a nail polish in a drugstore it can seem daunting, because it is! There are many brands and colors to choose from, and in order for you not be overwhelmed here are some tips on picking  a nailpolish.

-Know what color you want. This can be changed later but before you go in think about the color you want, and what occasion you need to paint your nails for . For instance, if your going to a wedding maybe you need a light pink, if your occasion is the beach maybe a bright orange would do.

-Dont limit yourself to the brands you always get. It is possible to find a great nail color in a different brand so look around the store .

-Go with your gut. Pick the polishes that look good to you, if you get home and do not like them you can always return them .

-Decide what colors are not for you and in order to keep sane . Do not bother with the colors you know you do not want. If you came in looking for a mint green, dont waste your time in the reds section.

-Look for new displays of nail polish. Companies release new polishes a few times a year, and if you are really lost just find a newly released polish.

-Ask for help. If you are totally confused as to which nail polish to buy ask an associate for help with the new collections or just ask which polishes are new in their stock. The same can be done in beauty supply stores.

– Research. Look up the new collections online , or just polishes in the color family you want before going to the store. This way you will have a mental list of what you want. These tips should help you in picking a nail polish in a drugstore.

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