How to avoid nail polish problems

How to avoid nail polish problems

Nail polish often dries up and is no longer usable. In order to avoid this, store your nail polish in an upright position and shake it on a daily basis. Never leave nail polish just laying around, and do not add acetone to older nail polish. The consistency of the polish might change but the color and texture will be compromised. Your results will not look good.

Streaky nail polish is another nail polish problem.This  usually  occurs because the nail polish is either old, or simply the formula  is streaky. If your getting streakiness on the first coat – this is somewhat normal. The coats that follow should not be streaky. Light colored polishes are more likely to be streaky, but it depends on the brands formula. Streakiness can also occur because of damaged nails. Picking a fairly new polish, as well as taking care of your nails will help remedy the situation.

The color payoff is sometimes different than advertised. This happens all the time, because the polish often looks like one color in the bottle, but is another color when applied to the nail and different skin tones. Try to find videos demonstrating applications of nail polish, and find pictures of polishes you want to purchase online. Remember, that just like clothes nail polish will look different on different peoples nails because of their complexions and skin tones.


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