Differences between salon brand polishes and drug store brand


Reviews for Essie and Opi VS. Reviews of  Maybelline, Loreal and Wet and Wild
Drug store-
Will always cost less . Polishes range from $2.00 to $6.00.
Often better color payoff and more variety of color.
Easier to find because the collections are not as sought and not as  popular or in demand.
Worse quality brushes and odd sizing of brushes , I often find it difficult to paint my nails with them
Nail chipping occurs quicker
The product feels worse  and can cause discoloration of nails
 Salon nail polishes
Cost is more. Essie and Opi usually sells for $8.00 before tax.
Often the colors are repetive and not unique.
Better quality- goes on easily and is  usually chip resistant
Collections are harder to find, and often take longer to be in stock in local drugstores.
Colors are rapidly discontinued, and inflated cost for discontinued polish.
Polishes last longer as a whole in the box and don’t dry up quickly
Bottom Line
After years of trying both, I would only recomend salon nail polishes. They are just better quality, hardly ever chip and feel better on the nails. When a company charges you more for a product, its usually because they have a better formula and have a better product to sell, dont waste your money on brands that will leave your nails looking badly.get-attachment.aspx
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