Why should I use a top coat?

Benefits of using base and top coat on nails

Base coat – A base  coat is a clear substance that goes on your nails before the nail polish. Almost all nail polish companies make them such as Duri, Essie , Revlon, and Opi.

The job of a base coat is exactly that- to coat your nails and protect them from the paint you are about to cover your nails with. A base coat allows the nail polish to glide on smoother and shields your nails. The biggest benefit to using a base coat is it prevents staining. When you dont use one the nail polish will stain your nails , as well as  turn your nails yellow  over time due to discoloration.

Top coat- A top coat is similar to a base coat, but it is applied after you’ve applied nail polish.  One of the best top coats for nails is the Seche Vite top coat, but most companies make one as well. This coat creates a smooth and shiny effect on the nails, as well as providing a locking in finish to the manicure. Not using a top coat will often create a matte effect on nails, which is a non glossy finish to a manicure. The other drawback is chipping.

Protect your nails before and after a manicure for best results !

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