Nail trends

The latest nail trends 


One of the hottest nail trends nowadays is the oxblood or burgundy color. This trend is easy to wear and any skin tone can pull it of. The trend also goes amazingly with most outfits and the deep color fits right into the cold seasons days. Opi’s “Mrs O’leary’s Barbecue” would be a good choice for any cold day, as well right on point with fashion.

Another examples of one of the hottest  nail trends is the deep blue colors. Deep blues goes perfect in the fall, spring, and winter time because of the many choices that are available to the consumer. Opi’s “Yoga-ta get this blue”, and Essie’s “Butter Please” would be perfect choices. The easy part of the last two trends is most people already have these colors in their collections, therefore you can be on trend and not have to buy more colors.

The latest trends can also create problems.  Blacks  and greens have been popular for years, and french manicures were also a highly popular staple for a long time. Blacks and greens create problems because they are not practical for the business world. French manicures can be costly, as well as difficult to do yourself.

Nail trends are always changing. You can follow them or do your own thing. The best suggestion is to invest in colors that are staple colors such as reds and neutrals – that are always popular.


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