How to stop biting nails

                                             How to stop biting nails

Nail biting is more than a bad habit, its usually a stress response and rooted in emotions.

 When i was 5 years old and  afraid of the monsters under my bed I bit my nails. Likely, during freshman year in high school all my nails were bitten of during finals week. Nail biting soothes peoples nerves, but its a dangerous habit because  your eating the germs on your hands. Opening doors, shaking peoples hands, pushing the elevator button, you are consuming the germs from those places, which leads to colds and  hand sores, which can get infected. 
Tips to stop biting your nails
– Paint them! ( How i stopped biting mine) Once you bite manicured hands it will taste awful, and  you will likely get used to having painted nails and how nice they look.Weekly manicures will also  put you in a good mood.
 -Change your physical response to stress. Twirl your hair, hum a song, eat a piece of gum- any other activity other than biting your nails, when you want to bite them.
-Reward yourself for not biting- make a promise to yourself to get an ice cream or buy a new dress if you dont bite your nails for two weeks ( you can tweak the time limit)
-Dont do it alone- a lot of people are nail biters; team up with a friend not to bite nails. Go to the gym, park, club, or any prefered activity  together when your both feeling stressed or just want to bite.
-Dont give up if you bite you nails today, tomorow is a new day  and you should not  beat yourself up about it. Just start again its never too late.
While its hard to break  a bad habit, there are many effective answers to how to stop biting nails.  I did it  and so can you. Its hard to stop doing something that soothes you and something youve done for years, but just remember how much better your nails will look nicely manicured and how much safer it is not to bite. You CAN DO IT! 


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