Nail Care

Nail salon tips

How to pick the right nail salon

Sterlization- the truth is unless you see instruments being properly soaked and sterlilzed  in front of you and most of us never have you must assume they are not properly cleaned. Putting nail tools in hot oven like microwave contraptions DOES NOT steriliaze  instruments. Now that the ugly truth is out, I highly reccomend in investing in your own tools . You can buy them all in drug stores for under $50, and you will have the knowdlege that your safe from fungus and infection.
Nail polish- I reccomend investing in some nail polishes and brining them to the salon with you. Most nail salons dilute the nail polish when it gets old with acetone- which compromises your nail polish. It changes the look and feel of that OLD nail polish that your finger tips are being polished with . If you use salon nail polish- use your judgement if a polish feels bad on your nails dont be afraid to ask for a different one.
Etiquette- The best way as to how to pick the right nail salon is how you get treated.  After going to many different salons, I can tell you that whether you have an appointment or come in as a walk in there is etiquette in a  salon- that is often broken! While you hope to be taken on time, you often aren’t, and  customers and manicurists are often rude and downright mean to one another. SPEAK UP! You must use your instincts and best judgement when it comes to how your being treated. If your being offended or treated poorly SAY SOMETHING! Be as respectful as the situation calls for. If you are being mistreated, or dont feel comfortable LEAVE. There are plenty of nail salons in the sea just waiting for your money. Just like you wouldnt stay in a bad relationship, why would you stay in a bad nail salon?
Hygiene – a very vital  staple in nail salon tips is if you ever get cut , definitely treat your wound. Put hydrogen peroxide and neosporin, or some type of antibotic on your cut. Use a band aid and keep an eye on it. If your cut becomes worse or bothers you see a doctor.
Use you gut- The most important one of the nail salon tips and nail care tips i can offer you is to trust your instincts. If a place  or person feels wrong to you dont go back. A salon experience is supposed to be a fun and relaxing  time- so ENJOY!
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